List of suggested camera angles:


1.   Low front end nose shot

2.   Door sill

3.   Engine badge

4.   Instrument cluster

5.   Nose logo badge

6.   Driver door angle perspective

7.   Engine bay badge

8.   Drivers front wheel close up

9.   Rear angled brake lit shot

10. Angled engine compartment shot

11. Rear bumper model badge

12. Brand name close up

13. Favorite angled shot with background,           Front &

Printed on Glossy Billboard Vinyl


4 feet tall by 6 feet wide     $249.00

6'6" tall by 9'9" wide           $499.00

8 feet tall by 12 feet wide   $688.00



                       Create a wall mural of your actual car.


    Wall Murals are easy to find.....but we all know that we want to see our car, with our color combo's on there to truly enjoy it.  A custom photo shoot is way too expensive and time consuming.


   We have now taken the expense and drama out of creating your own wall sized mural for your custom garage.


   The picture above is simply a collage of 15 individual pictures skillfully blended into a single image to show all the angles and features that make your car so unique.


                                               Here's how it works.....


  1.       Take a minimum of ten pictures, from the suggested angles below, at your                 cameras highest resolution.


  2.       Purchase Mural size you prefer by hitting the buy now button to the side.

  3.       We will send a payment confirmation email within 24 hours to which you                     reply and attach your preferred images.  

  4.       Within 48 hours we will present you with a design layout to approve.

  5.       Within 10 days we will ship your Custom Wall Mural to you, via UPS, and

            provide you tracking info.