Cadillac 6 Feet Long Brushed Silver

Cadillac 6 Feet Long Brushed Silver

$199.99 Regular Price
$139.99Sale Price
 Brushed Silver Aluminum Cadillac garage sign.   

This Cadillac Sign is a must have for any enthusiast owner or future owner.

This is a very unique cnc robotic cut material. The material is called Dibond and is approximately 1/8" thick.
This is the material that provides the surface for Disney's Epcot Spaceship Earth. It's durable!
The dibond has a black sign wall with a brushed aluminum surface. This gives the material both strength and
dimension. The letters can be double side taped to the wall or you can use silicon adhesive for a more permanent
finish. Some of our buyers glue small spacers behind each letter to give it some separation from the wall to
create a more dimensional 3D effect.. simple to do.

These are the type of signs you see in upscale dealerships, many of which are our customers.

This classy tribute sign is a welcome addition to any enthusiasts garage, gameroom or office.

You will not see another sign like this so it's unlike having an enthusiast banner or poster.
The Sign runs about 6 feet wide and is almost 20 inches tall.
The Cadillac sign arrives in 2 pieces with the word split between the I and the L.
This helps the sign arrive straight and unbent due to ups handling.
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